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The Makeup Consultation

This is a very exciting stage of the wedding, the date is getting closer and you start to think about the details of your look for the day. Whether makeup is something you feel confident with or not, planning your look should be fun and we want you to enjoy it. The makeup consultation is all about us getting to know each other and understanding your makeup preferences. We have put this page together to help you prepare for your makeup consultation and hopefully make you feel as comfortable as possible for the experience.

Makeup Artist
Finding your makeup inspiration
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You may have an idea of the exact makeup look you want or you may not have any idea at all, if this is the case don't worry. The first thing we tend to do is open up an app such as pinterest or instagram and search 'bridal makeup' and get presented with thousands of images. When looking through inspiration online just make sure you are looking at the makeup and not just at the model. Sometimes we might look at an image of our favourite celebrity and think we love the makeup, but really we just love their face. Try and filter the images to show models with similar skin tone, eye shape etc to yourself. This is because the same makeup look could look a certain way on one person, and completely different on another.  You might even look through so many images of bridal makeup and think none of these looks feel like me, and that is completely fine. Just because you are a bride you don't have to wear your makeup a certain way, go with whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Preparing for your appointment 

This will likely be the first time you and your artist meet so the more information and images you can give us, the better. We ask you to arrive makeup free, so if you could bring some photos of yourself wearing makeup we can see the amount you usually wear. We like to keep the appointments intimate and relaxed so we ask you to come by yourself or with just one other person. We work from small and calming spaces and find this is the best way to keep the relaxed atmosphere, your artist will provide you with the exact address before the day.


On the week leading up to your appointment we would advise giving your skin a little pamper, a gentle exfoliation to remove any dead skin and keep it hydrated especially if you are coming in the winter months. If you are planning on being more tanned for the wedding day we would recommend applying some tan before your appointment so you can get a true feel for the makeup look. Some brides also like to do their hair and wear a white/light coloured top to help visualise the look on the day. 

If there's anything you wouldn't leave the house without like a winged eyeliner or a certain lip shade then just let us know and we can incorporate it into your makeup look. If you'd like to bring any lipsticks or products with you to show us then please feel free to do so.

We all want the same thing for the day which is for you to look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself so please don't be afraid to be specific or make changes to the look once you have tried it on yourself. Seeing a look on an image and actually wearing it can feel very different so it's completely normal to make personal tweaks at the end to make it perfect. 

Most of our brides come to Ora Makeup because they share our love for soft glam and natural makeup. If you have never had your makeup done before you are going to feel different to how you do your own makeup because it has been applied professionally. We may use more products than you would expect and this is because it needs to last from the morning to the night. 

Please keep in mind that personal skin types, eye shapes etc may affect the look you had in mind. For example if you have oily skin and would like a dewy makeup look, this may not be the best option for the longevity of the makeup but we are here to give our advice for this. 

Frequently asked questions

How long will my appointment be?

Your makeup consultation usually lasts up to 1 hour and 30 minutes per person 

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes but please keep it to just one person 

Can you come to me for the makeup consultation?

Unfortunately not, we will come out to you on the wedding day but all pre wedding appointments are held in our home makeup studios

Do you apply lashes in the appointment?

Yes we can apply lashes either individuals or natural strip lashes

Shall I get semi permanent lashes done?

Yes this is absolutely fine, we would just say make sure they are fresh and done to the exact style you like

Shall I get LVL/lash lift?

If you have naturally very straight lashes a lift can be great to open up the eyes but please bear in mind we may not be able to apply lashes on top if they are too lifted.

If I am wearing tan on the day shall I apply false tan to my face?

We would recommend applying a natural tan to the face too as we can make the skin look more flawless when applying a perfect colour match rather than matching it darker to the body.  Just remember don't apply tan near your eyebrows if they've recently been tinted!

Should I get some facials/new skin products on the lead up to my wedding?

Facials to remove any dead skin and improve the skin texture are a great asset to your look for the day. If you have any specific skin concerns you would like to target we would recommend starting this as early as possible. Do not try anything new too close to the wedding day incase you have a reaction to a treatment or product.

Do I need to get any makeup for the day?

If we are not staying with you throughout the day, we would recommend getting your lip products and a face powder for your touch ups.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions for us

We are looking forward to meeting you! 

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