Booking terms and conditions

When making a booking with us we will require a deposit of £50 to secure the date in our diary.

This deposit acts as a security for us to not accept any other booking on the same day therefore it is non refundable.

Trial payments are to be paid on the day of the trial and are also non refundable. 

Cancellations less than two weeks before the booking 75% of the booking cost is payable and cancellations up to six weeks before 50% of the cost is payable.

The final balance is to be paid via bank transfer or cash on the day.

If you choose cash on the day please organise this between the party beforehand and put the cash in an envelope.

After numbers are confirmed and deposits are paid reduction in part of the booking will still be payable for the day.

Mileage charges will be discussed and parking fees may apply if the venue does not having on site parking available.



We are accommodating changes in bookings due to COVID 19 as best as we can to transfer the booking to the new date.


For any future bookings affected by COVID 19 we can transfer the deposit over to the new date but can not issue a refund.


We have taken the time to make sure that our business is safe to operate in the future by taking courses to gain knowledge on the new working guidelines and will be wearing PPE to carry out future treatments. 

We ensure that we will keep our tools, kits and ourselves clean by using appropriate products to disinfect and we will use disposable tools where possible. 


Thank you